Emerging from a history steeped in rich culture, beauty, tragedy and hope, Cambodia is fast becoming a bustling and dynamic destination for both tourisim and investment. Yet in spite of its development in the region many of the nations 16 million people still live in extremely impoverished conditions, forced to beg or work for little income. With over one third of Cambodias population under the age of 14, many children are forced to do the same out of need by their families, ending up on the streets or sifting in rubbish piles looking for food leaving themselves open to risk of being taken by human/child sex traffickers.      

Kids Rescue Cambodia works to identify children who are on the street and at risk.  These children are brought into the project and given the chance to receive an education as well as food for their families. Children who are a part of the Kids Rescue project have a real chance of a bright and better future. They all receive significant support from leaders and mentors, and their risk of being abducted is greatly reduced.

The project employs 3 full time, and multiple part time and volunteer staff members in-country to look after the children and coordinate the program. We currently support 72 children who each receive education and food for their families week. Every child in the program represents one less child at risk of human or child sex trafficking; these children can now receive an education and a future.

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Education creates opportunities for children and their families and it helps to break the cycle of poverty. Kids Rescue Cambodia covers the fees, uniform and other costs associated with attending local school. By providing food for families this enables them to send their children to school.


Families desperate for food will send their children out to beg or look through the rubbish for food. While looking for food for their families these children are at risk of abduction and human trafficking. Kids Rescue Cambodia provides food for families so that the children can focus on education stay safe and instead of looking for food can spend their time getting an education to help break the cycle.


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Being embraced and encouraged by a community helps children to be nurtured as they grow. Kids Rescue Cambodia, brings all the children in the project together on Tuesday evenings, with the staff providing a hot meal, running games and fun experiences, letting kids to be kids, as well as building relationships between kids and mentors. The staff and volunteer team are also involved in the wider community in which they operate running free community events, English lessons,  swimming lessons, art and craft, and music lessons.